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Tell me about your first love

I have, alas and alack, never had the honor of being in a relationship, let alone one where I have been in love. So i’ll just go with he’s out there somewhere, and we both don’t know it yet.

Although i do know what it’s like to be boy crazy.

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Oliver? I only asked about hobbies

This means there are TWO ANONS!!! What is my life coming two? Anyway, Oliver is 21, and my hobbies include: writing, acting, watching an obscene amount of TV online, I do improv comedy once a week which is a tonne of fonne (fun).

I dunno, what else? I like talking about myself!

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Hahaha I'm not a robot. I don't have a tumblr that's why I'm on anon and can't follow you

Well, Oliver is [CENSORED] years old, yes i have hobbies, thank you for the love, i have an indistinct number of followers but it’s pretty small because I essentially don’t blog very often, and thank you for not being a robot!!!

Someone is sending me a bunch of anons and i want to answer them, but at the same time: WHO ARE YOU?! ARE YOU A ROBOT?!

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What's your twitter?

Ahaha, funny story. I once set up a twitter account where all the character talks about is Ham and Jon Hamm, and within the universe he hates Bacon and Kevin Bacon. Over three months i scheduled over 700 tweets about ham. So if you want to find it it’s @ham_hamm_ham.

That’s pretty much my only twitter account. BTW: I am loving these anons whoever is sending them.

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I chanced upon your blog and really like it! Great photography :)

Oh thank you! Well if you ever feel like comin’ off anon, i’m always happy to have a chitty chat!

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What do you learn at uni?

I’m currently learning that essays about the nature of miracles don’t write themselves.

However, i am studying English and Philosophy. So that’s fun! I’m mostly interested in ethics and TV studies.

And whoever iss sending these? You’re great too cause Anon’s are tops!

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how old are you? :)

Fun fact: I am twenty turning twenty-one later this year.

Edit: First anon in a long time and people should send more of them if they feel so inclined.

Garth Marenghi’s Dark Place - Skipper The Eye-Child

Guys, this show is genuinely one of the best made, craziest and hilarious one season TV shows of all time.

All six episodes are on Youtube. This is TV history.