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Well, I've never met a guy (good enough) for me. I'm probably the problem though, I have high standards.

Is it good high standards or bad? I feel like I have high standards but they’re totally unjustifiable. I dunno. I suffer from the sin of having a very specific idea of what i want and i have a hard time adjusting to things that arn’t it. Like, if i’m buying a coat or a belt i’ll have a V. specific idea of what i’m looking for. And the same weirdly goes for guys, but it also sucks cause [clearly] i am in no position to be turning them down.

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I can identify with boy crazy XD and I've never had a boyfriend either

Hey, well well well. You and me anon. Boy crazy but still alone. Isn’t that the way of the world?

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Tell me about your first love

I have, alas and alack, never had the honor of being in a relationship, let alone one where I have been in love. So i’ll just go with he’s out there somewhere, and we both don’t know it yet.

Although i do know what it’s like to be boy crazy.

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Oliver? I only asked about hobbies

This means there are TWO ANONS!!! What is my life coming two? Anyway, Oliver is 21, and my hobbies include: writing, acting, watching an obscene amount of TV online, I do improv comedy once a week which is a tonne of fonne (fun).

I dunno, what else? I like talking about myself!

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Hahaha I'm not a robot. I don't have a tumblr that's why I'm on anon and can't follow you

Well, Oliver is [CENSORED] years old, yes i have hobbies, thank you for the love, i have an indistinct number of followers but it’s pretty small because I essentially don’t blog very often, and thank you for not being a robot!!!

Someone is sending me a bunch of anons and i want to answer them, but at the same time: WHO ARE YOU?! ARE YOU A ROBOT?!

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What's your twitter?

Ahaha, funny story. I once set up a twitter account where all the character talks about is Ham and Jon Hamm, and within the universe he hates Bacon and Kevin Bacon. Over three months i scheduled over 700 tweets about ham. So if you want to find it it’s @ham_hamm_ham.

That’s pretty much my only twitter account. BTW: I am loving these anons whoever is sending them.

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I chanced upon your blog and really like it! Great photography :)

Oh thank you! Well if you ever feel like comin’ off anon, i’m always happy to have a chitty chat!

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What do you learn at uni?

I’m currently learning that essays about the nature of miracles don’t write themselves.

However, i am studying English and Philosophy. So that’s fun! I’m mostly interested in ethics and TV studies.

And whoever iss sending these? You’re great too cause Anon’s are tops!